Top Things to Do in Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru

Are you currently planning a trip to Peru? Then, you are probably wondering if Lima is worth a visit and how much time you should be spending in the city, right? So let me tell you, of all the cities in South America, Lima surprised me the most. There are just so many amazing things to do in Lima!

Eat gourmet Giant Amazonian River Snail:

When it comes to fine dining, Lima dominates the South American Fifty Best list with a serious swagger. For the most out-there experience head to Amaz, where superstar chef Pedro Schiaffino uses all kinds of bonkers jungle ingredients including the Giant Amazonian River Snail, which comes served in its shell. One for the table is probably enough.

Circuito Mágico Del Agua:

Parque de la Reserva is a beautiful park and a nice place to visit during the day but at night this park becomes truly magical. Once night time comes, their famous fountains light up and make for a truly spectacular sight. The entry fee is 4 Soles and it is well worth it to see these beautiful lights. If you are only spending one day in Lima Peru, the fountains are the ideal choice for you.

Get down at a secret basement affair:

Hidden away behind unprepossessing doors and only open on Fridays, Lima’s fabled peñas are engagingly unpolished affairs which see couples perform traditional dances to live music in dowdy basement restaurants. By no one’s standards are they the hippest nights but they’re irrefutably authentic. Don Porfirio in Barranco is the best.


This shopping center is one the most popular attractions that travelers visit when they are in Lima, Peru. It is located in Mira Flores, one of the nicest neighborhoods in Lima. Built into the side of the cliff and mostly underground,this mall makes for quite the sight. It has incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and is perfect to spend an afternoon shopping for some great Peruvian Gifts and Souvenirs. After shopping you can have dinner with a view in one of the many restaurants, go to their cinema and finish your night out with a drink in one of the bars or clubs.

Blush at some properly filthy ceramo-porn:

The gorgeous Museo Larco houses Peru’s most important collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts, the highlight of which is its gloriously filthy room of sex pottery that reads like a 3D ceramic version of More! magazine’s Position of the Fortnight, only with more animal hook-ups and dead people at it in the underworld.

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