Hong Kong Travel: Living the Modern World Dream

Hong Kong Travel

It was the mid of February this year when our adventure club made the plan of Hong Kong travel in order to have a taste of life in one of the most significant modern and financial centers of the world. Hong Kong is in the southeastern region of China as an independent territory. For years, it has remained under the British control as part of an agreement but since 1997, its national government has run it. Hong Kong is one of the major tourist destinations in the world though it is considered expensive by the expatriates. Our Hong Travel plan was based on our quest to understand Hong Kong’s success story as well as to enjoy its glorious and spectacular life.

How life unfolded during Hong Kong Travel?

We arrived here in February, which is known to be the best time in the year to visit. During this season, winds blow from North, which makes the atmosphere of the city extremely pleasant. During our Hong Kong travel, we found the best of almost everything here. It has one of the best transport systems in the world, the restaurants provide high-quality service and the food is more delicious here than most parts of the world. It has stunning skyscrapers, which are a hallmark of the modern city, world’s top financial units, lush green rural places and a harbor, which captivates the soul of a being. This unique nexus of various aspects of life remained a continuous source of astonishment during our Hong Kong Travel.


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The best places to visit during Hong Kong Travel

We had reached here when the sun the setting and the night was about to take full control. The nightlife here is filled with cocktails, rooftop parties, a symphony of lights and music. We went to Taste Barr at Sevva and relished the harbor side cocktail while the symphony of lights unfolded in front of us. During our stay here, we regularly visited Grant Hyatt, Ozone and Mo bar that is considered best here.

Hong Kong is buzzing with the luxurious style of while where shopping culture and brands have taken over. Naturally, we wanted to enjoy the shopping experience offered by the city. We went to a few shopping centers and streets such as Goods of desire, PMQ, Start street Precinct, Cat Street, Jade and Night Market. We found the best quality and variety of stuff here than most other parts of the world.

The fast-paced life here can take a toll of you, which means you need to soothe and calm your nerves. Fortunately, we found amazing places here, which refreshed our spirits for exploring the depths. We went to Aqua Luna Harbor, which provides a soothing cruise experience at the edge of the city. The wind blowing washed away all signs of weariness and fatigue. We have been walking a lot around the city so we went to the traditional Tai Pan Reflexology plan. This provides the best massage experience of a lifetime.

Hong Kong is a place of many adventures with its temples, museums, cruises, malls and business centers.